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Teaching activity
The courses in the Department Crystallography (previously Chair of Mineralogy, and Petrography, and the Chair of Mineralogy and Crystallography) have been subordinate to the current program of higher education. During the years of 1946-1951 classes and lectures were taught to students: mineralogy, geology and crystallography for the students of chemistry and pharmacy, petrography for the students of geography, crystallography and crystal optics for the students of physics. From 1951 courses in crystallography and crystalchemistry were held for the students of chemistry, and from the seventies geometrical crystallography, crystalchemistry and the basics of X-ray diffraction methods were also included into the core curriculum.
From 1980, the education program has been undergoing modifications and has been supplemented to comply with the Crystallographic Teaching Commission of International Union of Crystallography (International Union of Crystallography (IUCr)). At the moment, the basic courses in crystallography – as well as laboratory and computer classes with the use of crystallographic software – are taught in the Department of Crystallography. For graduate and post-graduate students we offer specialist lab in X-ray diffraction, non-compulsory and monographic lectures, seminars and laboratories.